The Only difference between the “You” of right now and the “You” that you want to be is discipline and commitment.

From the desk of Lauren Tickner 

On this page, you’ll find an invitation to an experience which will change your business, your body, your relationships, your confidence, your success, and every single other area of your life.

You will NEVER be asked to enter any payment or credit card information. This transformative challenge is 100% FREE.


Before I’d had any success in business, I always used to think “why not me?”

I was “big boned”...

I didn’t have any “talents”...

I got “unlucky”...

Growing up overweight and having a disabled brother left me jealous of my friends because I was the one who didn’t get to experience a “real childhood”.

I was miserable. Fed up. And over-partying to conceal my pain.

I needed something to save me.

But that was the problem.

I was a victim, waiting for something magical to improve my life.

After exhausting myself through over-exercising and under-eating which left me with daily panic attacks… I decided one day that enough was enough...

I wanted to be successful.

...Not just in fitness, but in my relationships, career, and everything else...

So I tried bodybuilding, I tried meditating, I tried cold showers, I tried powerlifting, I tried hitting steps and pretty much anything else you could think of...

But it was always one extreme of the other. Either I went all in (too far), or I didn’t try at all…

I spun in circles, destroyed relationships, and stayed living in mediocrity.

The thing is, there was one thing I did know...

I needed to take back CONTROL of my life.


At first, I wasn’t concerned by my lack of discipline…

I thought my scenario was different.

I thought I had a “special” situation.

I thought “it won’t matter” if I slack here and there.

Oh, how wrong I was...

After interviewing over 100+ multi-millionaires and becoming one myself before the age of 23, I’ve learned that they all feel those same feelings.

What separates the good from the great is MENTAL TOUGHNESS.

Every single successful person I’ve spoken to has said the same thing…

If you can win the war with yourself, you’ve won at life.

If you can honestly say that you’re proud of how you act even when no one’s 

looking, you are the champion.

It’s not that people have it easy…

It’s that they follow through on the things they say they’re going to do.

They have integrity.

They have discipline.

They don’t cheat on themselves.

They’re able to go through life with nothing weighing on their chest. They never beat themselves up. They show up and get it done.

They put in the reps.

And that’s why they get to live a life filled with:

  • Success
  • Happiness
  • Peace
  • ​Health
  • Clarity
  • ​Love
  • Abundance

I don’t want 2021 to be “another year” for you.

Make 2021 YOUR year

I want to empower you to take what I’ve spent years learning to start seeing results in under 49 days…

Results that will allow you to:

  • Feel confident in yourself and know that you DO have what it takes to reach success.
  • Take control of your routine so you can get more done in the same 24 hours as everyone else.
  • ​Improve your health: mentally, physically, and emotionally.
  • ​Wake up excited and motivated everyday without an alarm or caffeine.
  • ​Create the most loving relationships with those who mean the most to you as well as with yourself.
  • ​Take your business or career to the next level and become the top achiever.
  • ​Take back control of your entire life.

I’ve formulated a 49 day challenge that will allow you to achieve those results and much more…

In fact, I should probably introduce myself…

My name’s Lauren Tickner, and I’ve:

  • ​Helped over 1000 people become 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs with my company Impact School.

  • Empowered over 200,000 people to improve their mental and physical strength by creating the brand Strength Feed.

  • Worked with some of the top brands such as Gymshark, Adidas and Fitbit as an ambassador and speaker.

  • ​Been ranked as a Top 10 Entrepreneur by Forbes Magazine, Yahoo Finance, USA Today, and the London Stock Exchange.

And the thing is, there is absolutely nothing special about me.

If you were to meet me, I’m a very regular person.

Ok - I’m a bit weird, but let’s be real… We all are.

I managed to achieve all that despite thinking that I wasn't capable of achieving anything.


And after seeing so many people drag themselves through hell in 2020…

I don’t want that to happen to you in 2021.

So, for the first time ever, I’m opening Impact Seven starting January 1st.

There are a couple of small things for you to do before the end of the year, so make sure to Sign Up Now.

Meet Your New Business Coach...
Lauren Tickner
If you're serious about becoming a well-paid and highly sought after online coach or consultant...there's nobody on the planet better to teach you than Lauren Tickner.

Lauren discovered online coaching and consulting when she was just 18 years old in the fitness niche. Within a few short years, she cracked the code on scaling her own business past 6-figures...and along the way she had helped a few friends do the same. 

Unlike a lot of today's "business coaches" Lauren has ACTUALLY built businesses of her own, and her client results prove it...(more on that later)

Since starting her new business, Impact School, a few short years ago, Lauren has been able to help over 2,000 aspiring coaches and consultants replace their job income with online income. 

In her FREE 5-Day Impact MBA Course, Lauren shows you EXACTLY what you need to get started making money as a coach or consultant online. 

(Yes, you read that correctly...the 5-Day Course is FREE)

**** This is a 100% FREE challenge with no upsells or hidden fees designed specifically for you to take back control of your life ****

I’ll be starting on January 1st...

The entire Impact School team will be starting on January 1st...

All of our clients will be starting on January 1st…

If you’re ready to WIN the battle with yourself, you will be joining us starting January 1st.

WHAT IS Impact Seven?

Impact Seven is not a fitness program.

Impact Seven is not a business program.

Impact Seven is not a self-love program.

Impact Seven is a 49 day challenge that has been proven to improve every area of your life.

It started when I gave my clients at Impact School a “daily discipline” - a mission to do something everyday which forces you out of your comfort zone (such as a cold shower).

And when I was writing my goals for 2021… I noticed that there are seven key things I do on a daily basis that keep me so strong-minded...


7 things, 7 days, 7 weeks.

We will ALL have 7 things we need to do everyday, for 49 days straight.

The same 7 things for 7 days of 7 weeks. Designed specifically to guarantee that 

you’re a totally different person at the end.

You will find out what the 7 things are when you sign up…

They aren’t extreme, crazy, or out of the ordinary.

And that’s the thing. It’s the simple things done consistently that compound and make the biggest impact.

But Impact Seven will not be easy.

I already know the little voice that will be whispering to me...

“One day won’t make a difference…”

“I’ll just do XYZ instead…”

“I can make up for it tomorrow…”

But this program is here to build up your resilience, self-discipline, and ability to CRUSH that voice and beat it down.

When you STOP saying yes to those “little” compromises… Those small adjustments you make for your “special situation”...

You will watch your entire life change right before your eyes.

If so, sign up now (for FREE) and prepare for your life to change in 7 weeks…

You’ll get an email as soon as you sign up detailing next steps...

I’ll see you inside,

Lauren “Take Back Control” Tickner

PS… as soon as you sign up, you will find out what the 7 daily disciplines are that will shape you into a better entrepreneur, parent, friend and lover… He who dares wins.

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